"Male" Wyrwood Magus


Created as part of a set by the Gnome magister Eredshezo Langunastor Nemetherrey Arvidhahotel Berenfoodle (a detail easily understood, as the gnome’s name was writ all over the laboratory), Anglesmith is a being known as a Wyrwood. While most Wyrwood are created with a purpose, Anglesmith was sadly ignorant of his. Coming to a slow awareness in an abandoned lab, he understood that he was alone, but it was obvious from the lab that he was not the only one of his type created, as there was a second stasis chamber standing nearby, the door ajar. The lab, while not destroyed, showed signs of both hasty packing and several years’ worth of dust on the floor, but the time that had passed since Anglesmith’s creation or the lab being vacated was not possible for the construct to discern. He found his mind difficult to focus, and set about trying to determine why he was suddenly awakened.

He was unable to tell what had ended his stasis; whether a timed release or random surge of electricity from the failing power systems, but he knew he was intended to serve. The Part of a Set looked about the lab, then further about the compound for any sign of his master, piecing together a history as he went, and what he found raised only more questions. What caused his master to leave? Why did the rather expansive compound stand empty, save the weapons and other odd inventions throughout? What became of his equal, the other Part of a Set? Were there more of them? A realization dawned on him: whatever there were for reasons, they were not to be found here. He suddenly found himself in an existential crisis, desiring a reason for his existence but finding no answers within his place of birth. He decided to look at more of the compound before he had a breakdown.

He explored the complex, gathering what gear he could find while trying to determine the cause of its abandonment; wryly likening its current form to something more akin a tomb. Ultimately arriving at the exit, he examined the giant door, a magically sealed stone slab. Speaking the words inscribed upon the barrier, the aperture magically separated, and he was assaulted with an avalanche of sand, but was able to gain the high ground in the chamber, where he waited until the invasion abated. Picking his way to the opening, he noted that the abandoned lab seemed to be entirely buried under a great deal more sand. There was no more reason to remaining, and the outside world seemed like it contained every answer he could ever require, the longer he stood staring at the slowly settling sands… so the construct began to dig.

It is unknown what purpose the construct has decided to pursue on the surface, and as per his race, he is notoriously loathe to provide such details to others. He takes enjoyment from learning new things, often marveling at the sheer ridiculousness of things he’d already seen since escaping his birthplace. He is often amused by perfectly innocuous objects upon the surface, and especially any which are phallic … Nobody said a robot had to be mature.

He will fake the mannerisms of humanoids in an attempt to maintain a subtle presence, pretending to eat and more (much in the manner of B-MO from Adventure Time). Also, his search for his counterpart has lead to an interesting event: Anglesmith one day noticed his reflection in an extremely shiny surface while in Kaer Maga and assumed it was his twin. Experimentation has allowed Anglesmith to piece together the idea that his twin is simply trapped in a parallel world (and doesn’t know where their master went), but they can still communicate through reflective surfaces. This is likely to be very weird to watch.


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