Daring Lashunta Champion

Daring Lashunta Champion


Medium Swashbuckler, 3 Phalanx Soldier Fighter (2-handed weapon as 1-handed), 1-3 Hooded Champion Ranger
Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (chosen weapon), Pommel Strike Deed, Shield stuff
1: Glaive-Guisarme (S, big damage, bonus vs riders) + Spiked Heavy Masterwork Shield
2: Mancatcher (P (finesse-able), grapple quality while not adjacent; backup weapon, capture alive in melee)
3. Possibly Bow if Hooded Champion

LN Male Halfling Qinggong Kata Master Monk/Mouser Swashbuckler with Monkey Style Tree

  • IF BUILDING TO SEVERELY HURT OPPONENTS: Qinggong Kata Master of Many Styles (get Monkey Style 1 & 2 immediately), 1x Unarmed Fighter (to get Monkey Style 3), then at least 1 Mouser Swashbuckler for AoOs against foes moving away and when they miss (Monkey 3 is when I use Stunning Fist, which I must re-take).
    • The crux is taking another style to eviscerate foes: the ones with ability score requirements are probably out (won’t have much WIS)
    • This build doesn’t actually need more than 2 levels in monk, but it would benefit from staying longer, as monk scales up pretty hard. Still, ninja also works, and there were abilities to make a foe flat-footed… The Daring Champion grants challenge and Nimble too, worth doing
  • -IF BUILDING TO TIE FOES UP: Qinggong Kata Master Tetori (stay in monk for a long time)

LASHUNTA: NOT LEGAL FOR SOCIETY (mothball this build for a while)
Lashunta Outrider should be possibly legal to combine with Daring Champion, making for a kickass swordsman at early levels.


  • Male tengu (+: Swordtrained, Claw Attack (counts as Improved Unarmed for free), and Exotic Weapon Training all work for it, possibly dip swordmaster rogue for stuff (some builds easily qualify for style feats already, though); -: not the most optimized build, and… so many tengu swordsmen already; any trait but Glide works),
  • NE Male drow (grenadier alchemist Oson Myrret’s older brother?) (+: stats are good for it, fits the idea of a drow swordsman (but he’d have to have left the Darklands for some reason that’s not “I’m a Drizzt clone!”); Ambitious Schemer, Ancestral Grudge, or Darklands Stalker traits),
  • NE Male halfling (+: stats are good for it, favored class challenge upgrade works still, could be an unarmed striker; any are pretty awesome but Ingratiating, Outrider, Polyglot, Practicality, Wanderlust, and Warslinger for this build)
    • a solid build is using a falcata and buckler with the Slashing Grace feat (needs to dip 3 levels into rondelero duelist fighter (shield bash with buckler, disarm), 5 into mouser swashbuckler (bonuses against larger opponents, Improved Critical on both weapons), or a few into rogue); can demoralize as well if he takes the Taunt feat

Daring Lashunta Champion

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