Hobgoblin Sergeant: Slave Hunter

You can't run, you can't hide.


Hobgoblin cavalier (huntmaster) 3
LE Medium humanoid (goblinoid)
lnit + 3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception + 3

AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+ 5 armor, + 3 DEX)
hp 3d10 + 6
Fort + 5; +2 vs disease, Ref + 4, Will + 2

Speed 20 ft.
Melee longsword + 5 (1d8 + 2/19-20), mwk whip + 6 (1d3 + 2) (lethal or nonlethal, does not provoke)
Ranged heavy crossbow + 7 (1d10/19-20)
Special Attacks challenge* (+ 3 damage, + 1 CMD vs target when threatening, 1/day)

Before Combat Like the Pit Boss, the Slave Hunter is content to let others do the lion’s share of the work for him, but in this case it’s his two goblin dogs, which he supports, either from range with his heavy crossbow, or from melee with his whip.
At the start of combat – either during the first round or if he gets a surprise round – he will spend a standard action to use his Tactician class ability, granting his goblin dogs the Tandem Trip feat, which allows them to re-roll failed trip attempts against their shared target for the next 5 rounds, as well as him if he trips in melee (he doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity for using his whip in melee).
During Combat He switches to his melee weapon combo pretty soon upon combat closing to close ranges, drawing both weapons but only using one at a time, preferring to trip foes with his whip, aiding the dogs’ attacks, and using his longsword against any who attempt to attack him or prove too difficult to take alive, but directing his dogs to protect him and help fight any foes foolish enough to try to fight him before the mutts are dead.
He will challenge the strongest-looking foe, granting his dogs his damage bonuses and CMD bonus against them.
Morale Slave Hunters attempt to capture foes, and use their many class abilities to do so. In particular, their takedown ability and nonlethal damage option for their whip ensure that foes spend the most amount of time in unfavorable combat situations; namely prone.
As a Slave Hunter is incredibly tenacious, if a foe runs from them they will chase almost endlessly, tracking with their dogs. If fatigue or exhaustion sets in but the trail is close, they will quaff their potion of tireless pursuit to push on, relying on the fact that their prey will be equally tired to let them close the gap.
This tenacity carries over to their morale: if their pets die they hardly bat an eye, knowing that they can find another just as easily, and they will fight to the death if necessary.
Any foes they can take alive are immediately stabilized (if required) and tied up (utilizing their huge bonus from their Expert Captor order ability), also being fitted with fetters, to be taken back alive for a lifetime of slavery. Slave Hunters take this part of their job very seriously and are loathe to release a slave under any circumstance, using their charges against opponents’ merciful tendencies in order to gain any upper hand possible, and murdering their charges if no other options present.

STR 14, DEX 16, CON 15, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 12
BAB + 3; CMB + 5; CMD 18
Feats Tandem Trip, Whip Mastery, Boon Companion
Skills Climb + 3, Handle Animal + 5, Intimidate + 6, Knowledge (nature) + 4, Perception + 3, Ride + 1, Sense Motive + 5, Stealth + 4, Survival + 8, Swim + 3; Racial Modifiers Ride + 2
Languages Common, Goblin
SQ bestial challenge*, hunting pack (2x goblin dogs), takedown*, order of the custodian/penitent (expert captor*), tactician* (1/day, 5 rounds, standard action), takedown*
Combat Gear potion of tireless pursuit, potion of cure light wounds (2)
Other Gear mwk scale mail, longsword, mwk whip, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts, hobgoblin war draughts (2), fetters, 50 ft hemp rope, signal horn, 7 g, 9 s
*see below for animal companion stat blocks and explanations of class abilities marked with asterisks



Lvl 3 Bodyguard Goblin Dog Animal Companion
N Small animal
Senses low-light vision, scent

AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+ 1 size, + 3 DEX, + 2 natural)
hp 3d8; remains conscious below negative hp, dies at – 14 hp
Fort + 3, Ref + 7, Will + 2

Speed 50 ft.
Attack bite + 5 (1d4 + 1); plus trip

BAB + 2; CMB + 3; CMD 16; + 4 vs trip
Feats Combat Reflexes, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics + 7, Perception + 7, Sense Motive + 3, Survival + 4, Swim + 5
Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 8
SQ allergic reaction, tenacious guardian, takedown

Lvl 2 Bodyguard Goblin Dog Animal Companion
As above, but the following changes:
- 2 AC (natural)
- 1 dmg
loses tenacious guardian

Allergic Reaction (Ex)
A goblin dog’s dander is highly irritating to all creatures save those with the goblinoid subtype. A non-goblinoid creature damaged by a goblin dog’s bite, who deals damage to a goblin dog with a natural weapon or unarmed attack, or who otherwise comes into contact with a goblin dog (including attempts to grapple or ride the creature) must make a DC (10 + 1/2 Hit Dice + Con modifier) Fortitude save or break out in an itching rash. A creature affected by this rash takes a – 2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day (multiple allergic reactions do not stack). Remove disease or any magical healing removes the rash instantly. This is a disease effect.

Challenge (Ex): Once per day, a cavalier can challenge a foe to combat. As a swift action, the cavalier chooses one target within sight to challenge. The cavalier’s melee attacks deal extra damage whenever the attacks are made against the target of his challenge. This extra damage is equal to the cavalier’s level. The cavalier can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day for every three levels beyond 1st, to a maximum of seven times per day at 19th level.

Challenging a foe requires much of the cavalier’s concentration. The cavalier takes a – 2 penalty to his Armor Class, except against attacks made by the target of his challenge.

The challenge remains in effect until the target is dead or unconscious or until the combat ends. Each cavalier’s challenge also includes another effect which is listed in the section describing the cavalier’s order.

Order of the Custodian (Penitent)

Order Challenge Bonus: Whenever an order of the custodian cavalier issues a challenge, he receives a + 1 morale bonus to his CMD against combat maneuvers made by the target of his challenge whenever he is threatening the target. This bonus increases by + 1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of the custodian cavalier adds Escape Artist (Dex) and Sense Motive (Wis) to his list of class skills. Whenever he makes an Escape Artist check, the cavalier may add his Strength bonus to the check in addition to his Dexterity modifier.

Expert Captor (Ex): At 2nd level, as long as he has rope, the cavalier can tie up a grappled opponent, even if the opponent is not pinned, otherwise restrained, or unconscious, and he does not take the usual – 10 penalty on his combat maneuver check to do so. When determining the DC to escape bonds secured by the cavalier, the cavalier’s Combat Maneuver Bonus increases by 1/2 his cavalier level.

Bestial Challenge (Ex): Whenever a huntmaster issues a challenge, both he and his hunting pack gain the bonuses and penalties associated with his challenge.

Hunting Pack (Ex): A huntmaster’s animal companions gain a bonus on Survival checks to follow tracks equal to 1/2 the cavalier’s class level (minimum 1).

Tactician (Ex): A huntmaster’s tactician ability affects only his hunting pack, not other allies. At 1st level, a cavalier receives a teamwork feat as a bonus feat. He must meet the prerequisites for this feat. As a standard action, the cavalier can grant this feat to all members of his Hunting Pack within 30 feet who can see and hear him. Companions retain the use of this bonus feat for 3 rounds plus 1 round for every two levels the cavalier possesses. Companions do not need to meet the prerequisites of these bonus feats. The cavalier can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day at 5th level and for every 5 levels thereafter.

Takedown (Ex): At 3rd level, a huntmaster’s dog can make a free trip or dirty trick (entangled) combat maneuver after a successful melee attack. A huntmaster’s bird can make a free dirty trick (dazzled or deafened) combat maneuver after a successful melee attack; if the target is already dazzled, the bird can choose dirty trick (blinded) instead. These combat maneuvers do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Hobgoblin Sergeant: Slave Hunter

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