Kol Orono

Male Nautolan Medic (Soldier) / Force-Sensitive Emergent

Career Soldier
Specializations Medic Force-Sensitive Emergent

XP: 0 (120)
For next session: 1 skill rank in Ranged (Light) (5 xp), 1 skill rank in Perception (5 xp), new Medic (Soldier) Talent: Bacta Specialist (10 xp)
Remaining unassigned XP: 0

Role: Kol is likely to engage in melee with his brass knuckles and will get better at this as his power in the force grows. If allies get seriously injured, he will fall back to a support role; provided he can get a proper shotgun built, he will then stay at a certain Short or Medium point behind sufficient cover and be the “go-to” guy for team support.

In space flight, Kol is either in the gunner pods or the cockpit. If a gunner, he commits to shooting (Gunnery checks), or provides fire discipline (Hard Discipline check). If in the cockpit, he assists with plotting a course (Hard Perception check), scans the enemy (Hard Perception check), or "spoof"s missiles (Hard Vigilance check). He may also perform manual repairs (Hard Athletics check) around the ship, as needed.
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Force XP Spent
3 2 2 2 2 2 1 30
Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
15 13
Name Ranks Source
Stimpack Specialization 1 Medic (Soldier)
Grit 1 Medic (Soldier)
Surgeon 1 Medic (Soldier)
Insight 1 Force-Sensitive Emergent
Uncanny Senses 1 Force-Sensitive Emergent
Quick Draw 1 Quick Draw Weapon Sling (Slugthrower Rifle only; 100 cdz)
Bacta Specialist 1 Medic (Soldier)
Force Powers
Name Upgrades Description
Enhance None Yet When making an Athletics check, Kol may roll an Enhance power check as part of the pool. White Side pips may be spent to gain Success or Advantage pips (my choice) on the check.
Storage Location Name Encumbrance
(Threshold Alteration)
Hard Point Mods
(Slots Available)
Total Cost Skill
Shoulder Sling Slugthrower Rifle 5 Quick Draw Weapon Sling (1) 250 cdz (+200 cdz) Ranged (Heavy)
Utility Belt Brass Knuckles 1 – (0) 25 cdz Brawl
Hip Holster Blaster Pistol 1 ? (3) 0 cdz (loot) (400 cdz) Ranged (Light)
Worn Heavy Clothing 1 50 cdz
Waist Utility Belt 0 (+1 total) 25 cdz
Utility Belt Comlink (handheld) 0 25 cdz
Utility Belt Extra Reloads (Slug Thrower) 1 25 cdz
Utility Belt Power Pack (Blaster) 1 0 cdz (loot) (25 cdz)
Utility Belt Stimpack 0 25 cdz
Small of Back Surveyor’s Bag 0 (+2 total) 50 cdz
Back ECM-598 Medical Backpack 2 450 cdz
Face/Eyes Scanner Goggles 0 150 cdz
Ship (Fridge) Ryshcate 0 10 cdz
Ship (Surveyor’s Bag) Climbing Gear 1 50 cdz
Ship (Surveyor’s Bag) Fusion Lantern 2 150 cdz

Future Purchases 

Role Name Type Damage Crit Encumbrance
Total Cost HP (Chosen Uses) Qualities Explanation
Shotgun Czerka Arms KS-23 “Hammer” Slugthrower Rifle
Ranged (Heavy)
8 (+ 1 Engaged; 6 Blast) 4 5 2,250 (1,500 + 550 + 200) 4 =
(1 Forearm Grip - 1x Innate Talent: Point Blank mod;
1x Accurate mod) (1 Weapon Sling - 1x Innate Talent: Quick Draw mod)
Blast 6, Knockdown Forearm Grip: Reduces Difficulty dice from use in Engaged range by 1
Point Blank: Add 1 damage per rank in Short and Engaged ranges
Accurate (passive): Add Boost die per rank to attacks with weapon
Blast (active): Spending 2x Advantage upon successful attack damages all Engaged creatures for this amount;
Spending 3x Advantage upon missing attack damages target and all Engaged creatures for this amount
Knockdown (active): Spending 2x Advantage knocks target prone;
requires 1 additional Advantage per silhouette beyond 1 to activate
Quick Draw: Draw or stow weapon as incidental
Sniping E-11 Blaster Carbine Blaster Rifle
Ranged (Heavy)
9 (4 + 2 Blast) 3 3 3,625 (850 + 2,025 + 550 + 200) 4 =
(2 Spread Barrel - 2x Blast mod) (1 Forearm Grip - 1x Innate Talent: Point Blank mod;
1x Accurate mod)
(1 Weapon Sling - 1x Innate Talent: Quick Draw mod)
Stun Setting, Blast 4 + 2
Obligation Total Reason
Bounty 5 While not a bounty specifically on Kol, the bounty on force-sensitives exists, as does the connection he had to the Sälãi Käsi practitioners, who are now outlawed by the Empire. He was also observed utilizing some Teräs Käsi techniques while fighting the Hutts’ thugs and the local Imperial troops who arrived to restore order before being saved by the Rebels, though that was several years ago; Kol doubts it would return to trouble him now.
Family 5 Kol’s father (and the rest of the Oronos) still live upon Glee Anslem, which is under Imperial rule. His father isn’t rich, and works for a pittance in an Anslemi weapons factory, so Kol attempts to send whatever help he can home, which often results in him sending some of his income (as there is nothing else he can do in person).
Dutybound 10 (+5 extra; 1,000 cdz) The Rebellion has given Kol much: training, equipment, and purpose. He seeks to repay them in some way, and bears much in the way of loyalty toward their noble cause.
Debt 1 In order to pay passage with the rest of the crew on the Void Runner, Kol has accrued a small debt to Geran.
Social Class The Outsider
Background Hook Wanderer

Kol Orono is a maternal nephew of Nautif Vrill, one of the few remaining adherents of the Sälãi Käsi (Hidden Hand) school of the Teräs Käsi (Steel Hand) style of martial arts taught by Nautif’s cousin Eaden Vrill’s uncle, Neaed Fisto (uncle too to Kit Fisto, a now-deceased grandmaster Jedi and hero during the Clone Wars).

Kol’s mother was a follower of Sälãi Käsi as well, but she was killed during the purge of the art which was implemented by the Empire following Order 66. Kol barely remembers her, having been only four years old in 19 BBY.

Kol’s father took up the task of caring for the family, but his mother’s brother Nautif had previously noted some Force talent within Kol, and briefly mentored the young nautolan six years later before being forced to once more flee the pursuit of the Empire’s Inquisitorius.

The young nautolan found much to appreciate within the monastic order during his brief training, which believed that the general polarity in the conflicts born of the Force would need a middle ground, dedicated to preservation of the galaxy and a punitive response when the balance was disrupted… alas, his training ended too soon after starting, and his mother’s off-and-on instruction throughout the years coupled with his uncle’s rushed teaching left more questions than answers alongside some developing prowess.

So, Kol comes from a both force-adept and martially-inclined family, though the Oronos who survive express no interest in such provocative – and now dangerous – traditions. Kol was only able to learn a very small amount of Sälãi Käsi from his uncle in the short time he spent with him, but the separation protected Kol from the Order 66 reprisals that continued to hunt those who utilized the Force in balance or light.

Warned by his father of this dangerous possibility, Kol grew up in quiet on Glee Anslem during the times of the Empire’s ascension and the governance of the Anslemi, feeling that he was waiting for something but failing to realize that it was waiting for him. Finally wising up to the presence of the greater galaxy, Kol caught a transport off the planet and was quickly introduced to the galactic conflict… and its unfamiliar ways: he was monastic, and that is not the way of the galaxy.

Kol fell in with the cause of the Rebel Alliance shortly thereafter, getting caught stealing in a Hutt-controlled underworld (on an Imperial world, no less), which nearly cost him his hand. The intervention of a few young humans led to a skirmish (which attracted the Imperials), and Kol was spirited away with the retreating Rebels, who trained him as a soldier at his request over the next several years.

Kol joined the Rebel alliance due to his secret desire for a Force-user’s help with his small talent in the ancient art. He is sure that he can learn more with what little Teräs Käsi he knows, but he lacks a master, and worse, lacks proper instruction in the Force. He knows to keep his talent hidden and head down, but he is eager to make something of himself, and so ventures out into the galaxy with his wish.

Type Discovery
Specific Secrets

Kol Orono seeks knowledge, specifically that which has been lost due to the rise of the Empire. He is from a Force-sensitive family and knows of his talent (weak and underdeveloped though it may currently be), and even knows of the greater talent of those who practiced Teräs Käsi… well, he has very little information of those who practiced the art, but he knows that it exists, and wants to know more.

He desires to know more about the style his uncle’s uncle had practiced, a more subtle approach called Sälãi Käsi… and about the Force, to follow in his mother’s brother Kit Fisto’s footsteps. While not motivated by revenge per se, Kol seeks to address some of the injustice plaguing the galaxy.

Kol Orono

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