Lvl 1 Male Tengu Shield-Vassal


Shield-Vassal Magus as per Kriserris’ build; dip 2-4 levels into Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler for Whip Proficiency and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats, as well as access to the Derring-Do, Dodging Panache, and Opportunity Parry and Riposte deeds (barely useable for the amount of CHA he’ll have, though); possible 2-level dip into Lore Warden Fighter, provided the build actually needed it (Combat Expertise, bonus feat)
-Flamboyant Arcana magus arcana will re-grant Derring-Do and Opportunity Parry and Riposte, but he will be able to use his Arcane Pool instead of his Panache to determine the amount of uses of this he has
-will then be able to use his shield and his whip for spell strike and panache abilities

-Worships Gorum, (TN or CG as per “within one step” wording); gains trait to use a shield as a light weapon, possibly Magical Knack to make up for losing 2-4 Magus levels to Swashbuckler

-possible dip into Arcane Duelist or Arbiter Bard, or Evangelist (going all the way to the top) (intended to get access to whip and applicable bonuses:

-possible issue with Arcane Duelist (at 5th level, grants bond with weapon, but already has bond with shield)
-arbiter gains bonus teamwork feats at 2nd level, keeps countersong and inspire courage
-evangelist misses one level but otherwise earns much more than a straight magus

1 1 (F1 =LORE WARDEN=) Quick Draw Two-Weapon Fighting -
2 1 (M1 =SKIRNIR=) - - -
3 2 (M2 =SKIRNIR=) Improved Shield Bash - -
4 3 (M3 =SKIRNIR=) - - Pool Strike
5 4 (M4 =SKIRNIR=) Weapon Finesse - -
6 4 (M5 =SKIRNIR=) - -
7 5 (M6 =SKIRNIR=) Serpent Lash - Enduring Blade OR Flamboyant Arcana
8 6 (M7 =SKIRNIR=) - - -
9 7 (M8 =SKIRNIR=) Shield Slam - -

+ 2 DEX, – 2 CON, + 2 WIS
+ 1 DEX (4th), + 1 INT (8th), + 1 INT (12th), + 1 CHA (14th), + 1 STR (16th)
STR 11, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 16, WIS 9, CHA 16

Mysterious Avenger and Skirnir


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