Agile Alpenstock of Minor Arcana

Combo Staff


Grants a +5 foot enhancement bonus to speed and a +2 enhancement bonus to CMD against trip attempts and on saving throws to avoid being tripped (apply as long as the staff is held in hand).

The staff also allows use of the following spells (each spell uses a number of charges, listed after the spell):
Shield (1 charge)
Magic missile (2 charges)

This staff can be used as a quarterstaff.


11,000g, 5 lbs, CL 8th

This dark gray wood staff is covered in many hanging fetishes at its top end; teeth, string, claws, bones and other small gruesome knickknacks hang on bits of string and sinew.

Combines Agile Alpenstock with Staff of Minor Arcana.

Agile Alpenstock of Minor Arcana

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