Dragon Flechettes


An Appraise check indicates the quality of this bolt being beyond normal ammunition, and a Spellcraft check reveals it to be a magic weapon; indeed, upon closer examination, the ballista bolt itself looks more like a flechette from a flechette bolt, though of large enough size that it must have been siege ammunition. Despite this, these bolt remain magical after being fired.

These flechettes are about the right size and shape to serve as equivalent to improvised Small-sized +1 Seeking Distance Javelins. The wielder takes half of the normal improvised weapon penalty for using them in this way.

Even more intriguing is the mythic ability Alonzo imparts to these improvised javelins when using them: a flying creature with the dragon type must make a DC 14 Will save when struck by a Dragon Flechette or be stunned for 1 round. This ability only works for Alonzo, and only when he has at least one mythic surge.


Dragon Flechettes

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