Voxong's Coat

A Magical Coat Perfect for an Alchemist


This jacket’s style and sewing technique seem, to any trained in the art, to be from another time. Under the collar is a leather tag which bears a hand-written inscription in an old dialect of Thuvian; “Voxong” is the only thing written. The jacket is intended for warmer climates but is in remarkably-good condition for something implied to be several hundred years old.

Three times per day the coat’s wearer can, as a standard action by speaking a command word while his hand is in one of the two main front pockets, cause the coat to create a single vial of liquid ice. If a vial of liquid ice is in the chosen pocket when it is commanded to create a vial of liquid ice, the jacket instead supercharges the existing vial within so that it inflicts double the normal cold damage a vial of liquid ice would normally inflict. A vial of liquid ice created or supercharged by Voxong’s Coat reverts to a vial of inert, bitter-tasting water 24 hours after it is created or supercharged. Voxong’s Coat is considered to be a part of a character’s “bandolier” (see the RoundTable Adventuring wiki for more information on this mechanic).

Further, if two alchemical splash weapons are placed into the pockets, one in each, they are able to be combined into a single flask. This process takes a full-round action, but after it is complete, the two materials are safely mixed into one vial that is the same volume as a normal splash weapon vial; when thrown as a splash weapon, the mixture has the effects of both component substances and creatures are affected as if hit by both. The mixture becomes inert after an hour, and only liquids may be mixed in this manner. The wearer can even use this function to mix an alchemical splash weapon with holy water or unholy water, but the resulting concoction remains viable only for 1 minute. This function is not limited in its uses per day.

The mixing function of Voxong’s Coat does not work on potions, elixirs, extracts, or other materials. Mixing a substance with a similar or identical substance (such as alchemist’s fire with alchemist’s fire) has the same effect as supercharging a vial of liquid ice: there is only one vial left, and its contents deal double the normal damage inflicted by the alchemical substance in question. A mixture cannot be combined with another mixture, and a mixture cannot be supercharged. The wearer can choose which pocket mixtures will appear in.

A mythic creature can expend one use of mythic power to create a vial of liquid ice in one of the pockets without expending one of the jacket’s daily uses. A mythic creature can also expend one use of mythic power to supercharge or mix alchemical splash weapons within the pockets as a swift action. Further, a mythic creature can expend one use of mythic power to turn an alchemical splash weapon into its mythic counterpart, if applicable, as a standard action. In this way, he may turn alchemist’s fire into atrokus’ fire, a thunderstone into a storm stone, and so on.


Voxong's Coat

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