Astral Union

Prerequisite: Major hex class feature, fortune hex.

Benefit: The witch can project her spirit from her body, allowing her to aid an ally personally while reducing the danger to herself. As a standard action, the witch falls unconscious and binds her soul to one of her willing allies within 30 ft of her. This works as per the magic jar spell, except that the witch does not need a gem and her soul does not trap the ally’s soul, nor overtakes his body. While her spirit is projected, the witch’s body is otherwise as healthy as it was before using this hex, but is helpless and spiritually unoccupied, detecting as alive but not having a soul while in this state. The witch can use all of her actions on her turn as a spirit, but does not need to move and is considered to be flying beside her bound ally; her spirit automatically moves with her bound ally without expending an action, and she cannot move away from the bound ally unless she chooses to end the hex as a full-round action while within 30 ft of her body.

While bound to an ally, the witch may cast prepared spells on him that are normally restricted to a range of touch or personal, as well as use any prepared hexes that normally affect only the witch personally or which beneficially target other creatures. The witch can cast beneficial spells which affect creatures other than the bound ally at half the normal casting range (so a spell with a range of 30 ft would only reach 15 ft), and she cannot cast spells or use hexes which harm creatures from her astral projection. The witch is treated as if she possesses the Eschew Materials feat while projecting her spirit to an ally, and if a spell requires costly material components or some manner of focus, the bound ally must hold them while she casts the spell. All spells or hexes used by the witch which require a touch or physical interaction must be made through her bound ally; a cure light wounds spell cast by her and not intended for her bound ally would require her bound ally to touch the creature so affected.

The witch may not communicate with any creatures but the bound ally while the astral union is active, and she may only communicate with the bound ally telepathically. Thanks to the insight the witch can provide to him, her bound ally also gains the benefits of the shield of faith spell (caster level equal to the witch’s level), plus the effects of a continuous fortune hex.

If the witch’s body is slain or the ally leaves the 30 ft range with her spirit bound to him, her soul stays with her bound ally for one day per witch level, after which she will die. If the ally returns to within 30 ft of her body or (if she was slain) her body is brought back to life before the hex ends, the witch’s spirit will return to her body without problem. The witch’s ally still gains the benefits of the astral union during the time the witch is out of range of her body or dead, but the witch’s senses are limited to what her bound ally can perceive; she may also not cast her remaining prepared spells and hexes onto any other creature than the bonded ally.

Astral Union

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