Bracers of the Crane

Aura moderate transmutation; CL ?th
Slot wrists; Price 32,000? gp; Weight 1 lb.


These bracers have strips of white leather making up their external surface, cleverly crafted to appear to be the ruffled feathers on the wing of a crane. When the bracers are worn, several of the strips on the outside of the wearer’s forearms appear to stand out further than the rest, though these longer strips are not stiff enough to interfere with clothing sleeves in any significant way.

The wearer of these bracers is treated as if two size categories larger when determining his effective size when using the swashbuckler’s opportune parry and riposte deed, the duelist’s parry class feature, and the size of weapons he could deflect with the Crane Wing, Deflect Arrows, or Snatch Arrow feats.

If the wearer does not have a free hand, he may instead use the Crane Wing or Deflect Arrows feats with a hand wielding a light or one-handed weapon. His effective size category is not increased for any deflections he does with a weapon, and he takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls with that hand until the end of his next turn.

In addition, if the wearer has the Deflect Arrows feat, three times per day as an immediate action he can deflect an additional ranged attack targeting him in a single round. This immediate action uses the wearer’s move action on his next turn instead of his swift action, and the wearer takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls until the end of his next turn.


Craft Wondrous Item, warding weapon, creator must have the parry class feature or the opportune parry and riposte deed; Cost: 16,000? gp.

Bracers of the Crane

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