Ghastly Lights

Your will-o’-wisps become unsettlingly alike their namesake.

Prerequisites: Major hex class feature, will-o’-wisp hex.

Benefits: The witch can summon more sinister-looking spheres of glowing light, which look and behave like corpse lights, and affect creatures within their light as though created with that spell. This hex otherwise behaves like the will-o’-wisp hex, except the witch’s ghastly wisps can float within 200 feet of her, moving at her command with a fly speed of 40 feet (perfect maneuverability).

The radius and the intensity of the ghastly wisps’ light is also able to be altered: if the witch chooses to summon one less wisp, the wisps which remain can have their radius increased by an additional 5 feet. The witch may choose to not summon more than one wisp; the increases in brightness granted stack on the remaining wisps.

Incorporeal creatures are affected by the wisps’ light. Any incorporeal creature within the glow of the ghastly wisp must make a Will save or be forced to partially coalesce into a semi-physical form when within the radius of the glow; they are treated as if affected by the ghostbane dirge spell until the start of the witch’s next turn.

The witch also gains the ability to affect the spirits seen within the radius of the glow of the wisps, and may see the spirits of the dead within a number of hours of their death equal to double her Intelligence modifier. The spirits of these creatures count as a part of their body for the purpose of resurrection spells, and may be used in place of a corporeal portion of the body, but using the soul in such a manner imparts 3 negative levels upon the resurrected creature, and the witch requires 1.5x the usual amount of material resources required to cast the spell.

Ghastly Lights

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