Darkness is refuge.

Benefit: The witch can call on the forces of darkness to expand the depth of shadows in a 20-foot area. This functions as the darkness spell, but she must touch an area of the terrain as part of activating this hex to set the point of the effect. This area increases by 10 feet per 3 witch levels (to a maximum of 80 feet at 18th level).

A shadows hex is treated as a darkness spell of 1/3 the witch’s level for the purpose of dispelling it: magical light sources only increase the light level in the area if they are of a spell level greater than 1/3 the witch’s class level (minimum 1). For example, a 7th-level witch could have her shadows hex dispelled by a light spell of 2nd level or higher.

A witch can have only one shadows hex active at a time. If the witch uses this ability again, the previous shadows hex immediately ends. The witch may use this hex for a number of minutes equal to 1/2 her witch level each day. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments.

Special: A witch who casts the catseye hex on someone within a shadows hex allows them to see in the affected shadows as normal. An active will-o’-wisp hex within the area of the shadows hex still sheds visible light as normal (overcoming the darkness to be seen by any creatures within or outside of the shadows), but the light shed by the wisps only reveals incorporeal or invisible creatures within the shadow hex, not corporeal creatures or the terrain.

Hex Tree: The shadows hex is part of a hex tree, which means that each hex which builds off of the shadows hex increases the power of the shadows hex itself:

Two shadow hexes: creatures with darkvision cannot see through the concealment provided by the thicker shadows produced by this hex.
Three shadow hexes: creatures with the see in darkness monster ability are also unable to see through the shadows affected by this hex.
Four shadow hexes: the witch is treated as if having the improved evasion class feature while within the area of her shadows hex.

Other hexes in the shadows hex tree: 


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