Slippery Thief

Slippery Thief (Combat, Gnome)

You can use your unique set of spring-loaded pliers to enhance your mobility, or to confound and inflict mind-boggling maneuvers upon your foes.

Prerequisite: Strength 13, Weapon Proficiency (extendable extruders), Weapon Focus (extendable extruders); Agile Maneuvers, Over and Under, and Small size or smaller, or gnome.

Benefit: You use your extendable extruders to aid your physical efforts, using their spring-loaded handles to great effect in the following ways:

  • enhance a vertical jump: so long as the handles of the extruders are retracted and you are holding them in both hands when you make your Acrobatics check to jump, you can deploy your extruders at the ground beneath your feet as part of the jump, granting yourself a significant boost. You count as having a running start for any Acrobatics checks to make a vertical jump so aided by your extruders, and you treat your starting position for the jump as 2 feet higher than where you were actually standing, but you cannot move horizontally as part of this check, and your hands are treated as full during this jump (though you can drop your extruders as a free action). Your extruders require a swift action to deploy, as normal.
  • special bull rush combat maneuver: you can attempt to escape from the looming threat of a single target who is within your square or adjacent to you, deploying your retracted extruders defensively against your target as part of a unique bull rush combat maneuver attempt intended to create space. If you are successful in the combat maneuver check, your extruders strike your target and the resulting force caused by them extending will move either you or your target away from your starting square, at your choice (see note for details). Your extruders require a swift action to deploy, as normal.
    • if grappled: you may make your bull rush attempt against a single target who is grappling you, despite extendable extruders not being a light or one-handed weapon. As a full-round action, you may use your extruders to make a special bull rush combat maneuver in order to escape the grapple. Make a DC 12 Strength check to maintain your grip on the handles when deploying them, success allowing you to make the bull rush attempt against your foe at a + 5 bonus. If you are successful, you break the grapple and move either yourself or your foe away (see note for details), but you are staggered for 1 round after you attempt to use this feat, whether or not you succeed. If your attempt is unsuccessful, you drop your extruders as they deploy and they shoot out of your grasp, traveling 10 feet away in the opposite direction of your foe from your square. Your extruders require a swift action to deploy, as normal.

You can make any of the above combat maneuver attempts with the extruders without provoking attacks of opportunity, even if you normally would for the attempt.

Note: If, as part of a special bull rush maneuver detailed above, you choose to move yourself instead of your foe, you immediately move a number of feet equal to the result of your bull rush maneuver in a straight line in the opposite direction of your foe from your square (even if this result is greater than your movement; use the result of the bull rush maneuver to determine the distance traveled). If your movement would make you strike an object or creature of your size or larger, the movement immediately ends, you take 1d4 points of damage, and fall prone in that square. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity normally if you move through threatened squares along your trajectory, but does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the creature you succeeded in using the maneuver against in the first place. You are still unable to move foes who are more than one size category larger than you, as normal; you can only choose to move yourself away in such situations. If you choose to move your opponent, you cannot move with them, and your opponent cannot choose to move with you if you move yourself. You cannot make this bull rush combat maneuver as part of a charge, and are not able to use abilities which damage your foe or require you to bull rush with your body (such as the Spiked Destroyer feat). You cannot move yourself away from your foe with the special bull rush combat maneuver if you have already moved this round.

Special: If you possess the Tricky Thief feat, you gain a + 2 bonus to any of the unique combat maneuver checks granted by either of these feats, and treat your starting position for a vertical jump made using the extruders as 3 feet higher than your actual position. In addition, you may choose to move 5 feet horizontally as part of any Acrobatics check to make a vertical jump with the extruders; this movement happens during the jump even if you have otherwise moved this round, and does not increase the DC of the Acrobatics check. This movement does not count as a 5-foot step, and provokes attacks of opportunity, as normal.

“First, you must succeed at an Escape Artist check (DC of 10 + grappler’s CMB) to wriggle your hands free from the grappling creature’s control while trying to maintain your grip upon the extendable extruders. Failure wastes your turn, but counts as you resisting the grapple. If you free your hands and the extruders from your foe’s control, you may then immediately deploy the handles against your foe in a special bull rush combat maneuver in order to escape the grapple.”

“, and you become flat-footed until the staggered condition ends”

Slippery Thief

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