Kodan the Barbarian


He is supposed to be a Throw and Charger who fucks guys up with all of his melee, demoralizing them and frightening them away. MUST ASK IF THIS CAN BE DONE WITH UNARMED STRIKES

Titan Mauler Barbarian 3, Thug Rogue 2, Unarmed Fighter 2, etc

Level BAB Class/Archetype Progression Feats Bonus Feats Class Ability
1 1 (B1 =SCARRED RAGER=) Dodge Intimidating Prowess, Point-Blank Shot -
2 2 (B2 =SCARRED RAGER=) - - Intimidating Glare*
3 3 (B3 =SCARRED RAGER=) Mobility - -
4 3 (R1 =THUG=) - - -
5 4 (R2 =THUG=) Shot on the Run Weapon Focus: Natural Attack (claws) Weapon Training
6 5 (F1 =UNARMED FIGHTER=) - Improved Unarmed Strike, Boar Style -
7 6 (F2 =UNARMED FIGHTER=) Feral Combat Training Boar Ferocity -
8 7 (B4 =SCARRED RAGER=) - - Animal Fury
9 8 (B5 =SCARRED RAGER=) Throw and Charge - -
10 9 (B6 =SCARRED RAGER=) - - Dragon Totem (Silver)
11 10 (B7 =SCARRED RAGER=) Boar Shred - -
12 11 (B8 =SCARRED RAGER=) - - Dragon Resistance
13 12 (B9 =SCARRED RAGER=) Eldritch Claws OR Improved Natural Attack (claws) -
14 13 (B10 =SCARRED RAGER=) - - Terrifying Howl

Eldritch Claws, Improved Natural Attack, Rending Claws then Rending Fury tree

- About scaring guys:

  • Possible rage powers include Scent, Moment of Clarity (if going Rage Prophet), Animal Fury
    - If he winds up with Intimidating Glare and Animal Fury, do Dragon Totem (silver), followed by Dragon Totem Resistance
  • Terrifying Howl rage power (8th level)
  • Roaring Drunk if they’re saving a lot against fear
  • Thug Rogue to increase fear effects
    - With Rogue, shooting for Weapon Focus (natural) with his rogue talent, allowing him to then take Improved Unarmed Strike with Unarmed Fighter, then allowing him to take Feral Combat Training and use his claws with his style (do Boar Style)

Item for Throw and Charge
Blinkback Belt (5,000g)


Kodan the Barbarian

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