Many alchemists are attracted to the power of bombs, but there are some who delve deeper into the secrets of the mutagen. Evolutionaries have turned their own bodies into bizarre experiments bordering on the monstrous, exploring buried genetic paths and splicing in new ones.

Note: The evolutionary summoner uses the unchained eidolon’s evolution list and evolution point values.

Aberrant (Su): Because of the various adjustments an evolutionary makes over time to his genetic composition, he is susceptible to effects which target the aberrant. While his mutations are active, the evolutionary gains the aberration type in addition to his original creature type, and can be affected by any spell or effect which affects an aberration or his original creature type.

The evolutionary is not affected by anything which affects aberrations and does not detect as anything but his original creature type when his mutagen is not active, though his Monstrous Aspect’s visual alterations persist.

Genetic Evolutions: At 1st level, an evolutionary discovers that his body’s genetic structure can be altered to allow a more dramatic transformation through the agents of a mutagen. The evolutionary has created a chemical cocktail that unlocks genetic evolutions which grant him a pool of evolution points. These points are selected the first time the evolutionary applies the cocktail to his body and persist until gaining a new level. When an evolutionary gains a new level he may create a new chemical cocktail to change how the points from the evolution pool are spent. Creating and applying a chemical cocktail requires access to an alchemist’s lab and two hours of preparation. The initial change is unnoticeable and, because the cocktail is keyed to the evolutionary’s unique genetic structure, should anyone else drink the cocktail they will be unaffected.

Whenever an evolutionary imbibes a mutagen his genetic evolutions are activated and alter his body accordingly, though once the mutagen expires the evolutions become dormant once more. At 1st level, the evolutionary has two evolution points and may select any 1-point evolutions from the list which are legal for play and for which he meets the prerequisites, as normal. All references to “eidolon” or “summon” should be considered as referring to the evolutionary, and interpreted accordingly. The unchained eidolon’s limit on maximum attacks apply to the alchemist as well. This evolution point pool increases by one point at 2nd level, and increases by one point every two alchemist levels thereafter. This ability replaces the alchemist’s bomb class feature.

Monstrous Aspect: At 1st level, an evolutionary discovers that his body seems to adapt extraordinarily quickly to his genetic tinkering, granting him the Aspect of the Beast feat as a bonus feat. An evolutionary may also alter his chosen aspect a number of times each day equal to his Intelligence modifier as a full-round action while under the effects of his mutagen.

In addition, at 10th level the evolutionary may choose to upgrade one of the aspects granted by this feat to an improved variant in place of selecting an alchemist discovery. He may choose to do this up to four times, altering one aspect each time he doesn’t take a discovery. These improved aspects replace their basic version.

  • Improved Senses: If you have normal vision, you gain darkvision 30 feet. If you have low-light vision, you gain darkvision 60 feet. If you have darkvision, the range of your darkvision increases by 60 feet.
  • Improved Claws: You grow a pair of powerful claws. These claws are primary natural attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage (1d3 if you’re Small) and can rend once per round, dealing extra damage equal to one claw’s damage plus 1½ times your Strength modifier if you hit a creature with two claw attacks in the same turn. If you already have claws, the damage they deal increases by one die type (d4s become d6s, d3s become d4s, and so on).
  • Improved Leap: You can make a running jump without needing to run 10 feet beforehand. In addition, you gain a + 10 bonus on your Acrobatics checks to determine the success of that jump and the distance covered.
  • Improved Instinct: You gain a + 4 bonus on initiative checks and a + 4 bonus on Survival checks.

This ability replaces brew potion.

Extract Evolver (Sp): At 2nd level, an evolutionary’s understanding of his body’s odd changes arms him with the knowledge to adjust it further, albeit temporarily. He adds magic fang to his list of 1st-level alchemist extracts known as a bonus extract, as if it were an alchemist spell. At 5th level, he adds lesser evolution surge as a bonus 2nd-level alchemist extract, at 8th level he adds evolution surge and greater magic fang as bonus 3rd-level alchemist extracts, at 11th level he adds greater evolution surge and transmogrify as bonus 4th-level alchemist extracts, and at 14th level he adds vengeful stinger as a bonus 5th-level alchemist extract. He treats the unit of time used to measure the duration of these extracts as one step smaller along the following scale, to a minimum of rounds: days, hours, minutes, rounds. For example, if the alchemist prepares an extract of magic fang (which has a duration of 1 minute/level), the duration would instead be reduced to 1 round/level. This ability replaces poison resistance + 2, + 4, + 6, and poison immunity.

Genetic Research: At 4th level, an evolutionary begins to fine-tune the mixtures of his chemical cocktails. The secrets of his body have started to unfold before him and he can now select evolutions from the 2-point evolution list. At 8th level the evolutionary can access 3-point evolutions, and at 12th level he may finally select 4-point evolutions. This ability replaces the alchemist discovery gained at 4th level.

Inconsistent Physiology (Su): At 5th level, an evolutionary learns to adapt to the weaknesses of his variable genetic composition. When under the effects of his mutagen and affected by a spell or effect which targets a specific creature type, the evolutionary may cause the effect to have half its normal effect or duration (choose one) with regards to him. For example, a dwarven evolutionary targeted by hold person may choose to be affected for half of the spell’s normal duration. The evolutionary can use this ability once per day at 5th level, plus one additional time per day for every five levels thereafter, to a maximum of four times per day at 20th level.

At 10th level, when using this ability the evolutionary may also choose to reduce the effect or duration of any spell or effect which targets creatures of his alignment.

Mutagen Sensitivity: At 6th level, an evolutionary’s body has become so sensitive to the volatile chemicals of the mutagen he does not need to consume the full dose. Once half of the mutagen has been imbibed the transformation takes place, leaving the remainder for another use. Used in this manner the duration of the mutagen is cut in half. This ability replaces swift poisoning.


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