EARLY THOUGHTS (pre-Advanced Class Guide)
the idea behind this class is to mashup the summoner and cavalier, making the summoner a mounted warrior, and to decrease the eidolon’s usefulness just a bit, making it a half-half relationship instead of incredibly skewed toward the eidolon

-as for the eidolon itself, it needs a slower progression (possibly at the animal companion’s level, exactly if not close) and a cap on some of its evolutions/inability to select them, but at the same time, the ability to surpass a normal mount, as it is not normal, possibly choosing to gain spellcasting and having the inherent ability to be custom-built, despite the limitations of needing to be near the summoner and being able to be banished or disappearing if the summoner is knocked out. A stronger summoner mitigates the incredible weakness of this, but those are weak spots that need to remain
-anything that a mount can have, it can take, but it needs to be not able to gain several mounts’ options or it will make them pointless (power balance and all)
-looking at it, the mounts may need to be looked at and built as if they were eidolons, to see what sort of sweet spot to shoot for. Eidolons have access to things like “pounce”, which the tiger does, or a climb speed, like the gecko, or “swallow whole”, like giant frogs. Hitting balance with the EV points is key! Mount needs to fit in at the exact same power level as any other cavalier mount, only with the benefits/detriments of being an eidolon
-as for requirements, it gains “mount” and whatever evolutions it needs to increase in size for free upon getting it (points to it being a prestige class), and loses the requirement that it be only quadruped or serpentine for “mount”, as this restricts access to something like a kangaroo, carrying the summoner around on/in its body



  • summon monster spell-likes. this is possibly replaced by his few chosen spells if he loses all access to his spells as described above
    • obviously doesn’t use the same energy as the eidolon summon or anything, being treated as a normal spell with no failure chance (in this capacity, it is possibly not affected by armor)
  • shield ally bonus is reduced by 50%
  • greater shield ally simply increases its bonuses another +1, and still only benefits the summoner
  • rider has the ability to cast in medium armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance at some point, and possibly heavy further up the road, possibly on the Bard/Magus path
  • rider gains access to all (or some) martial weapons and shields
  • 4 + INT skill ranks per level instead of the norm, to match the cavalier
  • summoner’s casting possibly scales back to the Ranger/Paladin range, or weaker. They also possibly instead gain access to an incredibly restricted range of spells, like the assassin, and very few casts per day of these spells (enough to manage their eidolon and provide some utility to the party, or JUST eidolon stuff)
    • another option is that they gain only a few spells which are usable once per day as spell-likes, and can either increase their casting of a specific spell by 1 each level or learn a new spell of that level… should still be on a reduced progression, like above
  • life link class ability’s second part is reduced:
    >30ft → normal power
    30ft – 100ft → current/maximum hp totals reduced by 50%
    100ft – 250ft → current/maximum hp totals reduced by 75%
    250ft< → returned to home plane
  • transposition
  • life bond
  • merge forms
  • twin eidolon


  • less of an evolution pool than the summoner gets
  • gets no spells, or very few spontaneous (healing and eidolon-affecting support spells only)
  • gains combat feats, and has the cavalier’s BAB instead of the summoner’s, or at least a 3/4 (need to see other Advanced Classes to see if there’s a standard on classes that off-cast)


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