Hungry Shadows

The darkness consumes more than light.

Prerequisites: Major hex class feature, shadows hex, witch level 14th.

Benefit: The shadows hex cast by the witch is treated as if it were a spell of an additional level higher with regards to any attempts to dispel it. Further, the witch can choose to temporarily have her shadows hex function as the hungry darkness spell, affecting all creatures within except the witch.

Unlike the hungry darkness spell, the hungry shadows hex is unaffected by spell resistance. The witch may use this hex for a number of rounds equal to her Intelligence modifier each day. This hex must be used in conjunction with her shadows hex.

Special: The witch may select any number of creatures within the shadows hex’s area to not be damaged by the hungry shadows hex, but each creature aside from the witch who is unaffected by the hungry shadows reduces the daily duration of the shadows hex by 1 additional minute. For example, a witch selecting four creatures to not be affected by her hungry shadows treats each minute of her shadows hex’s duration as 5 minutes.

Hex Tree: The hungry shadows hex is part of a hex tree, which means that each hex which builds off of the shadows hex increases the power of the shadows hex itself:

Two shadow hexes: creatures with darkvision cannot see through the concealment provided by the thicker shadows produced by the shadows hex.
Three shadow hexes: creatures with the see in darkness monster ability are also unable to see through the shadows affected by the shadows hex.
Four shadow hexes: the witch is treated as if having the improved evasion class feature while within the area of her shadows hex.

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Hungry Shadows

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