Joe's Character Ideas

??? OR Mappo, TN forgetful male hobgoblin or leonin Breaker Barbarian/Oracle with wrecker curse/Rage Prohet OR Karsa, TN oafish male kodan Titan Mauler Barbarian/Corsair Fighter Pezzock, CN medicated male tengu Investigator/Duelist OR Taralack, NE obsessive female gnome Vivisectionist-Saboteur Alchemist/Master Chymist OR Kevkas, NG suspicious male half-orc Inquisitor OR Banalt, CG heroic male human Pistolero-Buccaneer Gunslinger ??? OR Tomoe, LN weak-willed female halfling Sohei Monk The Knave, CG stoned male halfling Oracle or Evangelist-Theologian Cleric Kriserris, TN naive female half-orc Skirnir Magus OR Lady Alitranna, NE stupid female halfling Diva Bard/Bloatmage

Personality-wise, they run the gamut, but I’ve noticed people like my characters who are odd or involve themselves in others’ lives rather than being mysterious. Thus:

Mappo is my idea for the oracle with the wrecker curse but the barbarian bonuses with broken weapons. He is possibly an oracle of gorum or torag or even rovagug, but his temperament is somewhat melancholy unless he rages (instead of the usual barbarian personality); when he rages he kind of becomes a juggernaut but forgets the last 1d4 minutes before doing so. If he is an oracle of rovagug he is unaware that the rough beast gives him his power; he is kind of unknowing of his true purpose, as he has memory problems. Might build into rage prohet. Based on a character from a book. Heavy tank/some support magic.

Karsa is still a blank template for the most part as a person, but tends to be willing to work with just about anyone. He will not suffer anyone insulting his honor or thinking him a stupid thug (he’s quite smart); allies who do so are regarded with derision whenever he attempts to show them the error of their ways (saying “observe” when he intends to demonstrate his counterpoint) and enemies are killed without restraint. His long-term goals are the desire to wrest the Beast portfolio from Lamashtu (Mother of Monsters) and get vengeance upon her and her followers for the death of his god. He enjoys adventure and likes to fight. He uses a huge hammer consecrated to his dead god and intimidates the shit out of his foes in battle. Front-line fighter.

Pezzock is an old character brought back; he has an inflicted madness due to… reasons, and has, under the tutelage of my first Alchemist, learned how to craft medications to keep the madness at bay. He has since returned to the sea, intending to find his own path among the theft and piracy that he enjoyed so much. His personality might seem a bit similar to Gurotsu (for those who know him), but he’s not prone to rambling or wandering off, he just sometimes gets confused or does strange things (he has some tics). Nonetheless, he also uses his mental affliction to disguise his agenda; he easily plays the role of the fool or benign madman when spying on his targets or infiltrating in attempts at assassination. He secretly worships Tolanariwan, the Phantom of Retribution, and may have motives involving assassination of corrupt rulers in the region, whether official or pirates. When he confirms a natural 20 he gains the rage ability of a barbarian for 1 round, but if he confirms a natural 1, he gains the confused condition for 1d3 rounds. He follows the path of the Duelist. Rogue-type, sneak attacker.

Taralack is someone I’ve been considering for a while. She is a bleachling gnome obsessed solely with continuing her cousin’s groundbreaking work on tooth magic. She is evil, but it is a contained evil; she doesn’t just do bad things because “evil”, she just wants teeth. She fights with her claws and bite and may have a cohort who is a simpleton. She tends to be passive until excited (as Bleachlings are), and has a dark-side personality which tends to be the one focused on teeth and quite excitable; it also shows up when she drinks her mutagens. Full-attack Rogue-type.

Kevkas is an older one of my characters who I want to retry. He’s essentially Roche v1.0, but not an asshole. I want to play him because, despite being just miserable, I liked Roche’s build and never got to see it through, especially when he hits the Gray Gardener levels. I promise Kevkas is an okay guy; he cares more about ghosts than witches (though may suspect allies of being possessed). He uses Sense Motive on books and is generally agreeable, though the Inquisitor bits means he still has standards he follows. Bowman.

Banalt is your typical young human adventurer, all idealism and heroics. He tries to do his best and is willing to learn. He’s a pretty blank template but he feels strongly about his friendships with his party and the crew and will stand between them and adversaries without hesitation. He uses pistols and cutlasses, eventually being able to mix it up in melee despite having a gun. He was designed to be a pirate before, so this is just him getting back at it.

If I wind up doing Pals and am not able to figure out a character (I might try my Summoner/Cavalier combo idea), I may play Tomoe; I’m interested in trying her in an “alternate universe”-style, just like Gretchen. Who would she have been had things not played out as they had? If she didn’t have Gretchen latched on to her, how would she have lived? Her personality is altruistic but she has a difficulty saying “no” to coercion, and tends to be awkward in social situations, especially if she gets fat like in my other game (which is still likely even without Gretchen around). She is a mounted warrior and uses polearms to fight as she charges by.

The Knave is essentially my take on The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” mixed with some surfer/stoner behaviours. He has two methods of being so; the Cleric version winds up quite Bard-y; he can use some performances. The Oracle version is more of a surfer, using water magic and so forth. Both versions are silly and kind of like to comment on how “far out” events can be. Expect lots of stupid but thoughtful introspection. Very support-y.

Kriserris is from another campaign; she uses her shield mostly, it being the focus of her power, and uses a whip in her off-hand. She’s fairly mellow, lacking the chip on her shoulder that other half-orcs often have, and is quite pretty according to her stats and background, so she generally gets along well with others. She is easily fooled, being gullible by nature, and seeks nothing but new experiences and understanding. She tends to ask a lot of “obvious” questions, but takes the answers received very seriously, nodding gravely or saying, if she had a close guess, “that is the truth of it”. While it is easy to fool her, it is best to not abuse her trust. 2nd-line magic/melee.

Lady Alitranna, aka Hedonism Bot, the Chelaxian halfling diva who never moves from her animated chair and commands her slaves to do things for her. She’s essentially a joke character I made which would be nothing but hilarious (provided it plays right and the party is somewhat accommodating). Despite being NE she’s not malicious or psychotic; such pursuits take too much effort: she’s just selfish and stupid, engaging fully in her sloth and gluttony. She has no ambition beyond riches, power and fame, but won’t try too hard for any of them. Think Gretchen as a goblin (in personality), take away the low-level altruism, add Bardic stuff and the Bloatmage abilities (casts lots of spells, sometimes goes berserk due to blood pressure). She’s super selfish, proud, and stupid, but believes that she is the most fantastic and powerful person ever. Has no sarcasm detection; one of those characters people could play off of easily as long as they keep the insults backhanded and can put up with her personality. Back-line magic, glass cannon.

Joe's Character Ideas

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