The Storm Tower

One of the “Nameless Spires” created by some ancient race in ages past, this tower stands apart from those at Golarion’s North Pole, about 150 miles east of their location and nestled among the western side of the Alabastrine Peaks.

Within 10 miles of the tower one can finally see see their destination, the massive spire rising from the white wasteland. The Storm Tower is a hexagonal spire of black basalt, towering hundreds of feet into the air. The tower is mired in a lake of black slush, with a white stone causeway (rebuilt since Gretchen’s return) leading across the lake toward a gaping hexagonal opening in the wall at the base of the tower. The tower is 300 feet tall. The ceilings on each level are 100 feet high. The walls of the spire (both exterior and interior) are uncannily smooth and coated with ice, requiring DC 30 Climb checks to scale.

The uncanny, force-infused construction of the Storm Tower prevents astral or ethereal travel into or through the tower, as well as teleportation into or out of any portion of it. Teleportation effects do function within the tower, however, as long as the caster has line of effect to the destination.

Gretchen’s half-sister Katiyana, a half-fiend sylph who had wished to return her ally Sithhud to Golarion as a full demon lord, had claimed the Storm Tower as her headquarters in years past. Gretchen eventually returned to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings in an attempt to aid the Amatatsu Heiress, intending to also directly confront her half-sister about her betrayal. When it came time for the caravan to leave for the pass of Aganhei though, Gretchen instead found herself unready to do so, and she remained in Kalsgard to build her power (and confidence). Katiyana was evaded and outwitted by the Amatatsu Heiress and her bodyguards, though she also went uncontested, biding her time and awaiting the inevitable confrontation. Eventually, the half-sisters had it out, and after Katiyana’s defeat the tower sat empty for several years.


The Storm Tower

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