The witch can summon a ghostly pale glowing sphere of light (which looks like the will-o’-wisp option of the dancing lights spell) that floats within 60 feet of her, moving at her command with a fly speed of 20 feet (perfect maneuverability). The wisp sheds dim light in a 5-foot radius, like a candle; invisible creatures are visible while within the radius of this glow. The duration of this effect is 1 hour. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 10-minute increments.

The wisps are incorporeal and thus cannot be harmed by normal weapons. They have improved evasion, the witch’s save bonuses, and a base AC of 22 (+8 size, +4 natural armor). The witch’s Intelligence modifier applies to the wisps’ AC as if it were their Dexterity modifier, and each wisp has 1d4 hp.

At 5th level, a second will-o’-wisp is summoned when the witch uses this hex, and another every 5 levels thereafter. No two will-o’-wisps can be further than 10 feet apart, and the distance they can be apart from each other increases by 5 feet every 3 levels after gaining a second wisp. The witch can direct any number of the will-o’-wisps that she wants as a swift action within their range.

The witch also gains the ability to see some spirits within the radius of the glow. These spirits must have died within a number of hours equal to the witch’s Intelligence modifier. At 5th level, the witch may communicate with these spirits as if she was under the effects of the speak with dead spell. These spirits cannot be interacted with in any other way.


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