Demon Eye

Prerequisites: Major hex class feature, catseye hex.

Benefit: The witch’s eyes become indistinguishable from those of a demon. The witch passively gains low-light vision and 30-foot darkvision when she learns this hex, or increases the range of those abilities by 30 feet if she already had them, but her unsettling eyes give her a -2 to Diplomacy skill checks against all non-demon creatures she interacts with.

In addition, the witch can activate her catseye hex as a standard action on herself or a touched creature, but having the demon eye hex changes the effect: the creature affected gains the see in darkness monster ability and the penalties from demon eye instead of the normal catseye ability. This effect lasts her witch level in minutes (this duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments), but only lasts on another creature as long as it remains within 30 feet of her, and demon eye becomes inactive on the witch for the duration if used on another creature (the witch’s eyesight becoming as normal before learning the demon eye hex).

Special: The demon eye hex allows a creature affected by it to see in the supernatural darkness created by a witch’s shadow hex, even that which overcomes the see in darkness monster ability.

  • Builds from Catseye, a hex for the witch.

Demon Eye

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