Numenic Resonant

Name ideas (words in a theme): Archon, Warden of the Celestial/Empyrean Circle, Compassion, Empyrean/Sacrificial Consolate/Consolor/Consolare, Sacrificial, Witch Doctor, Metempsychotic, Numinous Transmigrant, Resonate, Channel

Numinous Circle
Numenic Resonant, “Numen”, “Numinous Guide”

based strongly on Circle Warden. The bonding with a single person is similar to the aes sedai bonding with a warder (so named) in “Wheel of Time”

Kind of like the heretic inquisitor in how this class does some stuff that’s opposite of a paladin, but can still bring all kinds of fire when necessary. More of a good-guy party’s squishy backline buffer/debuffer (much less magical smiting than a wizard or witch or even cleric), but with a rocket up her sleeve when it comes to the bond, where she almost literally becomes a pocket healer for the character she empowers (“Warder”). Less general utility than a cleric, less healing too, but a dead-raiser and a protective warder… Literally a witch paladin: spirit-talking, weird magic-using, just odd… but divinely appointed. Likely more pragmatic than a paladin normally is, as the class is INT-based and able to call some power down.

  • any Good
  • aura is much larger than paladin’s, reflecting non-physical strength of class (treated as 3 levels higher, and can blind evil creatures)
  • witch saves/bab
  • fetish instead of familiar
    • EDIT: possibly given to ally to establish bond? becomes a burst point that they split their range between with their own personal circle (10’ + 5’/level aura range on resonant becomes 5’ + 5’/2 levels on resonant and 5’ flat on warder) or something? Scales up eventually (6th level 10’, 12th level 15’)?)?
    • EDIT, cont’d: if ally takes Numenic Warder PrC, they are possibly always considered a bonded ally, even when not carrying the fetish (a direct connection, just like with a familiar, granting empathic connection and treating warder like “zero failure” point to teleport to from anywhere in the universe?)? Possibly has his own progression on aura (but covers different bonuses, and powers up/synergizes when with projecting resonant or just auras are overlapping), and has stronger versions of buffs for Numenic Warder than bonded warder (the fetish-carrying guy), but can have both active at the same time without issue, and can travel between both much more reliably? Possibly can treat projection to Numenic Warder as being in her own body for some specific effects? Possibly time with Numenic Warder is greatly increased if she’s dead or she can absorb the energy of nearby dying creatures (like in Improved Astral Union) to extend the duration of distant connection… possibly can even re-prep her spells while projected, and can detach from him and walk about within range of his aura while still projecting…? He IS technically treated as a familiar in this sense… would be cool to have her be able to prep with either the fetish or the Numenic Warder, depending on whether she’s got access to her body or has died/been separated from it
    • obviously, a major boon to having a Numenic Warder would be if he can completely protect the resonant from external attack temporarily? I mean, his purpose is to “ward” her… also can possibly carry her into antimagic without losing her, but his aura disappears and she is “internalized”, though they are still able to communicate. More like Magic Jar, but they’re not in each others’ way… actually, exactly like the Beast-Bonded Witch is with her familiar
    • For instance, Warder (ally with fetish) is within range of personal circle, and has two allies within his burst range he’s gained: can be used as source of beneficial abilities within granted burst range (Eldritch Conduit-esque effect), and can be secondary conduit of reduced-effect auras, which are full potency for him and anyone in overlap range of resonant’s aura and his (where the auras intersect), but is a reduced remote aura when outside of resonant’s aura?
    • when outside of resonant’s aura, can still be projected to from resonant’s body? possibly leaves resonant much weaker if warder travels outside of resonant’s aura while resonant is corporeal? allows resonant to project from warder to other allies when they are in overlap range of both auras (from resonant’s body and warder, I mean)?
  • astrally projects to bonded ally (“Warder”)
  • one less spell per level, no evil or chaotic spells
  • patron is either agility, boundaries, devotion, endurance, healing, peace, spirits, stars, strength, wisdom, or just a Good deity (and must be at least Good and in one step of alignment, like cleric), who grants all of the spontaneous spells. Possibly both, as oracle mysteries and shaman spirits, granting a bit of a diverse and variable portfolio of spontaneous casts?
    • possibly grants a modular ability normally unavailable but which ties in to specific abilities as a way to integrate some modular elements: abilities, hexes, and spontaneous spells cover some major themes like healing, restoration, protection, etc? This ability would be like the healing aspect/portfolio/whatever gaining Invigorating Repose (cleric 9th level, oracle 10th level, warpriest 13th level) as a constant part of her aura or something
  • can channel without losing hexes (possibly on 1/3 or 1/4 progression)
    • possibly cannot inherently channel, but can empower channels of others who can by being bonded with them, as well as healing spells. Possibly a hex or mercy or feat can grant the ability to channel…
  • has a spontaneous spell list as well as her witch spell list
    • adds a number of additional spells to her spell list each level from cleric and paladin, but….
    • … can cast them spontaneously only while arcane projecting (possibly gained from patron/mystery/deity as with those features in other classes)
    • EDIT: instead, the witch spell list is their primary source, and they can spontaneously cast the spell they’d like without penalty in exchange for a prepared spell if it would be on both of their spell lists (were they instead a witch/paladin multiclass in truth).
    • EDIT, cont’d: possibly they can cast the spell which appears on both witch and paladin lists and is in their witch spell book and available to them at their level if they were a paladin of equal level in replacement for a prepped spell of equal level as a move action spontaneously. For example, a 13th level resonant could cast Death Ward as a move action despite not having prepared it if she has written it into her spell list while projecting.
    • EDIT, cont’d: if they didn’t have the spell in their witch spell book, they could cast it as a standard action if it’s one a paladin would know (again, 13th level resonant could spontaneously cast Death Ward as a standard action despite not knowing it as a witch, but otherwise being appropriate level and having other factors correct)
    • EDIT, cont’d: factors beyond these two impart penalties, as tapping unknown or unavailable magic is consuming the projecting witch’s life force (as discussed below). The resonant can cast any spell within her paladin spell list but not her witch spell list, a spell with material components she cannot supply, a spell of higher level than she can cast from either list (possibly a specific list at each level), or a spell she doesn’t have prepared (witch) or known (paladin) while outside of the range of her body as a full-round action, taking 1 penalty for each portion she’s missing. For example, a 13th-level resonant is out of range of her body and doesn’t have cure critical wounds on her witch spell list, but the cleric does at 7th level (spell level 4th). The paladin would access 4th level spells at 13th level, so the resonant would take what, 3 penalties? I’m figuring those become either CON damage or drain, but I feel drain has the right level of bite…. related: high, high-level stuff should be permanent negative levels (no save?), reflecting how one will need money to make up for not having everything they need.
    • possibly just treat the resonant’s spell list like the arcanist’s? Like, they prep spells, but can’t prep many, but any slot of the right level will do? That’s one way to ensure that they need to project to access a wider range of utility magic, and keeps them from being safe and untouched in the back lines; if they want magic they don’t have prepped, they can take some penalties
    • EDIT, cont’d: … Breath of Life in particular isn’t on the paladin or witch spell list; it’s cleric. Class possibly includes cleric spells of specific types/descriptions as well (abjuration, healing, etc), treating their spell level as paladin spell level to determine their availability as a castable as a spontaneous replacement, but they’d always require at least a one-step increase in casting time and impart an additional penalty for use.
  • lay on hands as well at 4th level? Is able to heal bonded ally or have him heal a touched creature, channeling the healing through him (to heal or destroy undead).
    • not sure how they interact with the channels, though… possibly are double potency of channel/increased potency to full progression instead of channel’s reduced?
  • limited selection of hexes, mercies possibly utilized through much of the class’s abilities
  • a lot of this class is about sacrificially protecting a single dude when the chips start to drop
    • possibly empower dude to smite? cannot smite on her own? buffs are weaker than normal on her?
    • possibly adds most of her abilities to her bonded Warder, where they increase on her as well… immune to fear? immune to disease? And her aura’s size is the size of the circle instead of a piddling 10 ft
  • bonds with single ally each day as though with the Witch’s Charge hex right at 1st level, this is the ally she can project to
    • can be changed with an hour of prep, as per re-prepping spells
  • constant foresight regarding Warder at 17th level
  • access to blood magic and some other morally-gray spells, spilling blood in the name of healing when she’s unable to. Most of the class is based on this.
  • possibly has the ability to return to life on her own after a time (like monks/druids)

Astral Union | Astral Union, Improved

Numenic Resonant

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