Rapid Reload

Choose a type of non-siege ranged weapon. You can reload such weapons quickly.

Prerequisite: Weapon Proficiency (specified weapon type).

Benefit: The time required for you to reload your chosen type of ranged weapon is reduced by one step, down to a minimum of a free action. For example, a hand crossbow normally takes a move action to reload; with this feat it becomes a free action. Similarly, one barrel of a one-handed firearm normally takes a standard action to reload; with this feat it becomes a move action, and a heavy crossbow normally takes a full-round action to reload; with this feat it becomes a standard action. A weapon which reloads as a swift action may be reloaded as a free action with this feat.

All weapons must otherwise follow the rules listed in their description entry regarding reloading. Reloading these weapons still requires two hands where noted, and still provokes an attack of opportunity.

If this feat reduces the reload time of your selected weapon to a free action, you may fire that weapon as many times in a full-attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow. This feat does not cover thrown weapons; such ranged weapons are handled by the Quick Draw feat.

Normal: A character without this feat takes the amount of time required to reload the weapon as listed in that weapon’s description.

Special: You can gain Rapid Reload multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of ranged weapon.

Rapid Reload

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