Tricky Thief

Tricky Thief (Combat, Gnome)

You can use your unique set of enormous pliers to harass and abuse foes.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13, Weapon Proficiency (extendable extruders), Weapon Focus (extendable extruders); Combat Expertise, or gnome.

Benefit: You can return extendable extruders to their retracted state as a move action without provoking attacks of opportunity. Furthermore, when wielding extendable extruders you can make either of the following unique combat maneuvers:

  • dirty trick (penalty) maneuver: you can attempt to pinch one of your target’s exposed fingers, inflicting a 1-point penalty to the target’s Dexterity. Unlike ability damage, the intense pain caused by this maneuver abates within 1 minute, also removing any inflicted ability penalties. Further, this penalty can be healed by a DC 8 Heal check; a Heal check to treat this penalty can be done as a move action, and a successful Heal check heals all ability penalties caused by this maneuver at the same time. At the GM’s discretion a similar exposed body part could be substituted for this maneuver.
  • steal combat maneuver: you can attempt to remove a tooth from your target, inflicting a 1-point penalty to the target’s Charisma and 1 HP bleed. Removed teeth can be reattached within 10 minutes of removal with a DC 12 Heal check or magical healing, also curing the Charisma penalty and bleed damage (magical healing at any point otherwise cures the bleed damage as normal). If 10 minutes have passed without the teeth being reattached, the Charisma penalty becomes Charisma damage, instead.

You can make either of the above combat maneuver attempts with the extruders without provoking attacks of opportunity, even if you normally would for the attempt. These maneuvers can be attempted with the extendable extruders in their retracted or extended states (unless stated otherwise), though you take the -2 penalty for attempts made with them in the extended state, as normal.

Special: The unique combat maneuvers granted by this feat for use with the extendable extruders can be enhanced by other feats which affect their specific maneuver (such as Quick Steal), and are treated as maneuvers of their type with regards to class features or magic items (unless illogical for the situation the attempt would be made in, at the GM’s discretion). Aside from the usual effects noted, if you possess the Improved Dirty Trick feat, the DC of the penalty’s Heal check is increased by + 4. Likewise, if you possess the Greater Dirty Trick feat, you may increase your (penalty) dirty trick’s effect to a 1d3 Dexterity penalty, which can only be healed with a standard action.

Tricky Thief

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