Volatile Lanterns

These small motes of light are unstable, pulsating at irregular intervals as they flit about.

Prerequisites: Major hex class feature, will-o’-wisp hex, ghastly lights hex.

Benefits: This hex behaves like the ghastly lights hex, except that the wisps summoned by the hex gain a number of additional abilities.

Each wisp summoned by this hex can use the flare spell as a melee touch spell-like ability against an adjacent creature a number of times per day equal to the witch’s Intelligence modifier, with a DC equal to the witch’s spell DC.

If a creature physically touches a wisp (whether with natural attacks or by the wisp passing through the creature) or passes through the connective strand connecting one wisp to another, they must save or be affected as if by the daze spell, with a DC equal to the witch’s spell DC. This effect may be suppressed in any of the wisps temporarily by the witch as an immediate or swift action, but the wisp remains suppressed until the witch’s next turn. The connective strand between the suppressed wisp and any other wisps likewise does not affect a creature passing through it while the wisp is suppressed.

Further, if a volatile lantern wisp is killed, it bursts. Creatures within the radius of the wisp’s light when it dies take 1d4 points of damage and are dazzled for 1 round (Reflex half, a successful save negates the dazzled condition). Creatures affected by this burst are also covered in a coating of light in the same shade as that shed by the wisp, and are treated as though affected by the faerie fire spell for a number of rounds equal to the witch’s Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). A creature can only be affected by this hex once every 24 hours. As a move action, the witch may direct any of the wisps she desires to explode, killing it and affecting creatures within the light in the same manner. The witch may select a number of creatures equal to her Intelligence modifier to exclude from the burst of a dying wisp’s effects.

If the witch summons only one wisp (as noted in the ghastly lights hex), its burst upon dying is especially potent. All creatures affected when it bursts are instead blinded for 1d4 rounds, or dazzled for 1d4 rounds if they succeed at a Reflex save. Evil creatures in the area of the burst take 1d4 points of damage per three witch levels (max 5d4), whether they succeed at the Reflex save or not.

Special: If the witch has the healing hex, creatures selected out of the effects of a dying wisp’s burst are instead healed for 1d4 points of damage. Once a creature has benefited from this healing, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours. Benefiting from the dying wisp’s healing energy does not count as benefiting from the summoning witch’s healing hex; a creature may be healed by both within the same 24-hour period.

Volatile Lanterns

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